Advanced Facial Reflexology 1 hour, £35

You can relax for a blissful hour while each and every reflex point on your face is thoroughly worked, muscles relaxed and skin toned​.

Traditional Foot/Hand Reflexology 1 hour, £32 - Prepay for 6 sessions and get £20 off              

A  treatment that is carried out through the art of gentle pressure to reflexes on your Feet/Hands.

Two treatments consecutively, 2 hours, £60

A great way to share the reflexology experience.

Facial and Feet/Hand only.


Hot Stone Reflexology 1 hour £35

Take your reflexology treatment to the next level with hot stones!

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage 1 hour £32

Including measurements

Indian Head Massage 45 mins £24

Thermo Auricular Therapy 45 mins £24

Wedding Packages available - Please enquire

Are you an employer? Corporate Packages available - Please enquire

Zone Face Lift 12 x 90 mins weekly programme  £745 12 sessions for the price of 11

Intensive ZFL 3 day course  3 x 1hr  £135 £105  Ideal for an upcoming special occasion

6 x 90 mins weekly programme £375  6 sessions for the price of 5

6 x 1 hour treatment £270  6 sessions for the price of 5

Lift your face and spirits with this award winning, unique Zone Face Lift programme. Free Jade Sculpting & Lifting Massager RRP £35 with the 12 week programme for a limited period.


Zone Face Lift individual treatment, 90 minutes, £75

Lifting face and spirit!

Personalised packages Available upon request.

Gift Vouchers Available ideal for Christmas, Birthdays etc.

I also accept payment by: Cash, cheque

Medical Insurance: If you have private medical insurance you may be able to claim back the cost of your treatments.

As a member of the AOR I will provide you with an invoice which is accepted by most insurance companies.

However please check with your insurance company prior to booking.

Cancellation Policy: Whilst I do appreciate that emergencies crop up from time to time and appointments have to be cancelled, please

be aware that I do reserve the right to charge 50% of the missed appointment fee with less than 24 hours notice. Or I may ask for payment in

advance for any future sessions which is non refundable. Whilst these policies are not nice to enforce, they are a necessity to ensure

my business running costs are covered despite the income lost from a cancelled appointment.